What you do not know about Dog Sitting


In the United Kingdom alone, the rate of pet ownership is increasing steadfastly and that is why the dog sitting business is growing as well. Almost 63% of the entire household of the said country comes with at least one pet. Usually, couples who have a few children would be the one to acquire pets like a dog. They would treat such as their own. As a matter of fact, this also led to the demand for dog sitting companies on the place. This should not be surprising knowing that in the said 63% of pet ownership, 73 million of that is dogs.

Owning a dog is a huge responsibility. It is a commitment. It is safe to say that in taking care of dogs, you are like taking care of humans. What can be done with the dog when the owner is away though? This is one of the concerns. There are choices for this. A lot would go to their vet. There are others who ask their family, neighbors or friends. However, these choices are not always accessible for all. There is nothing to worry about because sitting companies are around.

The Role of Dog Sitters

As said, dog sitters can be counted on by owners. They may assist in taking care of the pet. In what way can they do this?

  1. Knowledgeable dog sitters are well-versed in spotting possible medical problems of the pet.
  2. They take care of the pet when the owners are away. They do this with equal love and attention.
  3. These professionals will feed the pet. They also know the dos and donts when it comes to the diet plan. This is why the pet is safe.

The right professional for this juncture can be found through research. Ask recommendation from your veterinarian. Aside from this, referral from friends and family may contribute in the decision-making process. Typically, there are locator lines intended for major sitting professionals. These are anchored with pet sitting organizations. Reading about them will not get much of your time. Do this if you do not have any dog sitter in mind yet.

What to Remember before Hiring a Dog Sitter?

As said, asking referrals from people you know may help you decide. However, there are also points you have to look yourself. You may look at the training and qualifications of the company. Do this through an interview. Ask the sitter about his experience in the field. For instance, you know that your dog has behavior or needs issues that are quite odd, discuss these to the sitter.

Bonding and insurance are also vital. There should be a written proof of the sitter’s liability. This is the so called liability insurance. This must be bonded too. Insurance would protect one from accidents, while bond is meant for theft. It is better safe than sorry.


Establish communication too. How do you plan to keep in-touch and check on your dog while you are away? Settle this. It does not matter whether it is through text messages or the web. Every detail should be made clear. Would you like a dog sitting service, then look here